Workshop on Export Promotion Schemes & EXIM Policy

Interactive session on EXIM benefits
February 2, 2019
Open House Discussion on Revitalizing the Exports Growth Trajectory
March 28, 2019

Event Date : March 01, 2019

Event Location : Imarat Ibn Khaldun Hall, Arab Centrel, Jamia Milia Islamina, N Delhi

Organized By : Policy Times

India ranks 19th in terms of overall merchandize export and 12th in terms of overall import of merchandize as compared to other countries. With more trade liberalization deals in offing by the pro-business Indian Government, there lies plenty of opportunity for establishing a successful import or export business. However, to undertake an import or export business, the Entrepreneurs must have a strong understanding of all documentation pertaining to import or export transactions. They should be familiar with Export Promotion Schemes – Duty Drawback, MAI, ASIDE/TIES, Export Infrastructure Scheme, Make in India Action Plan, Merchandise Exports from India Scheme, 100% Export-oriented SEZ, Interest-Subvention/Interest Equalization Scheme, Town of Export Excellence, Product diversification Scheme etc. Devising suitable exports promotion strategies for the sustained economic growth of the nation is the need of the hour.
The diversification of exports is crucial for balanced economic growth and is vital to guarantee long-term sustainability and overall economic welfare of the nation. The diversifying export earnings is seen as the key driver of employment and poverty eradication.
To address the above, ‘The Policy Times’ in collaboration with ‘Department of Commerce and Business Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia – a Central University’ and Centre for Trade and Investment Law (CTIL), IIFT, Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC India) and the Council for Leather Exports (CLE India) is organizing a two-day Workshop on “Export Promotion Schemes & EXIM Policy” scheduled to be held during 1-2 March, 2019 in New Delhi.
For this, we look forward to invite Exporters, Traders, Foreign Trade Support Institutions, and all people involved in the export and import sectors.

Below are some of the areas to be covered under this two-day extensive Workshop:


Benefits of Export Promotion:

1. Earning of foreign exchange
2. Greater utilization of resources
3. Full utilization of plant capacity
4. Addition of value to primary exports
5. Creation of employment
6. Encouragement of efficiency in production

The Workshop will be broadcasted live and later on “The Policy Times” Digital TV and our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



• Participation in the International Exhibitions/ Fairs
• Training Programs on Packaging for Exports
• Marketing Development Assistance Scheme for MSME exporters
• National Award for Quality Products


The expected outputs of the Workshop will be as under:


➢ Generate support for stakeholders in the selected sectors in taking a strategic approach to the sector’s development
➢ Enable enterprises, the Government, and sector-related institutions to better understand regional and global market requirements in the selected
sector, opportunities and challenges; and
➢ Improve capacities of enterprises
➢ Increase international competitiveness of local enterprises in selected

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